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I've often said, there is more than one road to Rome. That means there are choices you have when customizing your financial solutions.

We are firm believers that anything is possible, and whatever challenges that come up along the way simply exist to guide us in the right direction. When it comes to financial planning, and the solutions we would recommend, it comes down to good decision making.  The word Guide is in our name.  We feel our customers want a consultative approach where our job is to present the pros & cons of two choices objectively and guide our clients to make a series of little decisions.  As fee based advisors we want you to know that we get paid directly by our clients, work directly for our clients, and we do not work for any banks or brokerage companies.  

GuideSpring Wealth Strategies has a fiduciary responsibility to act in the best interests of its Clients and will act in accordance with putting the Clients' interest first, including putting Clients’ interests ahead of the company’s own interests under the fiduciary standard.



You have an uncoordinated collection of investments, working towards an undefined goal.

Investment Management
Coordinate your investment portfolio towards your unique goals and working to produce investment income either now or in the future.


You’re in the prime of your career, but realizing that you're closer to retirement every year.
Retirement Planning
Social Security, pension, stocks and more. We’ll identify all potential sources of income so you can look forward to enjoying your retirement lifestyle.


You are a business owner and want to make sure you’re staying ahead of any future tax liabilities. 
Tax Strategies
Feel confident once filing season comes around with a strategic tax planning approach that keeps your numbers in order so no detail falls through the cracks.