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Spring Cleaning Tips to Keep You Organized! Thumbnail

Spring Cleaning Tips to Keep You Organized!


The first day of spring was a few weekends ago, and what better way to kick off spring than with some spring cleaning tips. Whether you are trying to tidy up paper build up in your office, get rid of clothes that aren’t being worn, or overall feeling a little overwhelmed that it is already spring this is a good place to start. 

Storing Important Documents  

We’ve all been there, one of your family members needs to find a document and it’s a mad search to find that one piece of paper located in the filing cabinets or the paper stack that is built up on the desk. Since we have all been there, we know the feeling and that is why GuideSpring Wealth Strategies uses ShareFile for clients to store all their important documents in a safe digital folder. Being able to store all your important documents in one place can put people at ease and they can be accessed whenever and wherever. 

How long do you need keep records

    If you are doing some spring cleaning and trying to thin down some paper documents, one form that is often kept longer than it needs to be is the tax returns. You should keep the records at least 3 years from the date you filed. If you don’t want to throw the documents out at all, then having an electronic filing system for your records can help with organization. 

Donating old clothes

    Deciding whether or not to donate a piece of clothing is a tough battle, because you always say you might wear it again. The written rule is if you haven’t worn it in 6 months you probably don’t like them anymore. A great tip is to hang up all your clothes facing the same way and once you wear it you hang it up facing the opposite direction, come back in 6 months and whatever clothes are still facing the beginning direction you can donate to someone that will wear it. 

It always feels refreshing to do some spring cleaning no matter what it is. If you find that your documents are all over the place and you feel overwhelmed with your financial situation, reach out using the link below. If you have any spring cleaning tips feel free to share them! 

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