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It's Small Business Week! Thumbnail

It's Small Business Week!

Small Businesses Trending

It’s small business week, take some time to celebrate a small business you love while you’re out. Small businesses are everywhere, whether it’s your favorite local restaurant, boutique, or brewery, show them that you appreciate their services. GuideSpring Wealth Strategies works with small business owners and entrepreneurs. We have the philosophy that it takes one to know the road of entrepreneurship which is why we enjoy working with small businesses just like us. In Fort Collins more than 91% of companies have fewer than 20 employees.1

After asking around the office on people’s favorite small businesses in Fort Collins here are the top 11: 

  1. Black Bottle 
  2. Mt. Fuji
  3. Wok and Roll
  4. The Welsh Rabbit
  5. The Farmhouse
  6. Cuppy’s Coffee
  7. Music City Hot Kitchen
  8. The Comedy Fort
  9. Gilded Goat
  10. Auto Warehouse in Old Town
  11. The Perennial Gardener

If you have any small businesses that you enjoy feel free to share!


Disclaimer: This article is for Informational purposes only and is not investment or tax advice. Information provided in this article does not address any individual's personal situation. A professional advisor should be consulted to assess your individual financial needs and goals before implementing any of the opinions presented.