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4 feel good money tips you need to know regarding Corona Virus news…

4 feel good money tips you need to know regarding Corona Virus news… (hereon referred to ‘CV’ because quite frankly I’m tired of hearing the phrase Corona Virus!) Wow. Not many guessed that another virus would knock the stock markets into a fast and volatile correction*. Yet my prediction of an overdue market crash is not the same odds as picking how far it will fall, nor most importantly how fast it will recover. Here are 4 easy financial tips to benefit:

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The Secure Act. What's in a name?

What's really odd about the name: Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act (SECURE ACT) is who it's making more secure. The winner of this category is the United States Treasury. They're the ones that are going to receive the security from the Secure Act in the form of higher taxation to Americans, which by default would make “Every Community” less secure in retirement. So what's in a name? Evidently great marketing.

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Top Ten IRA Tax Risks

If you’ve ever wasted time watching the financial news shows, you’re likely inundated with investments risks revolving around the economy, stock market, or political events. Although these risks could happen, there’s a risk to your IRA & 401k that is certain. Here are the Top 10 tax risks to your IRA & 401k:

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