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As 2020 Comes To An End, Here Are 8 Things That Made Life A Little Better. Thumbnail

As 2020 Comes To An End, Here Are 8 Things That Made Life A Little Better.


As 2020 Comes To An End, Here Are 8 Things That Made Life A Little Better.  My favorite is #6.


No doubt 2020 has been a tough year for most, but with every glass half empty there’s a glass half full. Over the course of 2020 there have been some noteworthy improvements: 

  1. 2020 has given employees and employers the opportunity to work from home, realizing that location doesn't matter. More people are taking the opportunity to live somewhere new.
  2. Colorado State University has stayed open with limited in person classes till Thanksgiving Break, which has been the original plan since starting in August.
  3. I have been able to meet with my clients more frequently this year, and test our firm's virtual technology, proving you don't need to spend time commuting to meet with your financial & business advisor. 
  4. I have been able to put my clients at ease by being able to store their important documents in our ShareFile, where they have access to it no matter where they are. 
  5. People have spent more time outside this year doing more active activites and seeing parts of the country they might not have done in prior years. The road trip is back! 
  6. American's have adopted and fostered more pets this year due to the pandemic. How many pets we have was duly noted during the 10 days in which we had to evacuate due to the Colorado Wildfires. We had 4 people, 5 dogs, and 2 cats in our camper. But hey, at least we had a camper instead of a hotel room. 
  7. Drive-in movie theaters have gained more popularity throughout the year being one of the best ways to watch a movie with your family. And they even brought back the classic movies! 
  8. Our planet got a minute to breathe, as carbon emissions have decreased throughout the year. 
 As this year comes to an end and will be remembered forever, don’t forget the good things that it has brought us and the new things we have learned. If you have anything good that happened in 2020 please feel free to share. 

Disclaimer: This article is for Informational purposes only and is not investment or tax advice. Information provided in this article does not address any individual's personal situation. A professional advisor should be consulted to assess your individual financial needs and goals before implementing any of the opinions presented.