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Are your Financial Professionals Coordinated?

By definition a specialist has a particular area of expertise. GuideSpring excels in coordinating other professionals. By working with those already on your team or bringing our additional professionals to the table.

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Whether you own a business or want to take care of your loved ones, we have established attorney relationships in the following areas:

  • Business: buy/sell, contracts
  • Tax
  • Wills, POAs, and trusts


If you need assistance with your tax preparation or just another CPA’s opinion on your taxes, we have established CPA relationships in the following areas:

  • Business
  • Personal
  • Audit assistance


A coach helps you achieve your fullest potential. Our coaches specialize in:

  • Businesses and partnerships
  • Budget and goal setting
  • Family financial communication

Are You a CPA, Attorney, Coach, or Other Professional?

Would you like to join the Guidespring Community and provide additional value to our members?

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