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 Your path to financial independence is unique 

let us be your guide

GuideSpring Wealth Strategies is a fee-based fiduciary financial firm focused on helping Entrepreneurs and Professionals build a step by step plan for approaching retirement.

Entrepreneurs and Professionals invest countless hours into their business and career, only for tax collectors to get paid fIRSt leaving you to be paid last. It does not have to be this way, you have put in the long hours, taken risks, and built your career from the ground up. You should feel comfortable when approaching your retirement years and have a solid retirement and tax strategy plan.


Unsuccessful business owners spend 115% of time IN their business.
Successful business owners spend 1/2 a day a week working:
  • ON their business
  • ON their exit plan
  • ON personal finances
  • Start right away

 98% of financial advisors are an employee of a bank or brokerage firm.

In 2019 there were only 12,993 Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs).

Only 2% of financial advisors walk in your shoes. 

Finra: Key Statistics for 2019
Statista: Number of Registered Investment Advisors (RIA) employed in the United States from 2012-2019


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If your financial plan does not include a tax strategy,

do you really have a financial plan?

Working With Us 

Step 1: Complimentary, no obligation, 30-minute discovery digital video meeting 

During this meeting we will get to know one another and prioritize: 

  • Investment management

  • Retirement Income Planning 

  • Tax strategies

If we are not the the right fit for you, we will make sure to introduce you to a firm who is better suited to your needs.

Step 2: A flat fee First Analysis video meeting to answer your three biggest questions: 

  • How much money you will leave on the table if you don't form and fund your exit plan years in advance?  

  • How much income you will need for a successful retirement?  

  • How many additional taxes you can expect to pay without a tax strategy?

About Us

Virtual Family Office

Oftentimes people go to multiple different companies and places to receive different financial and legal services, because they want to work with specialists in each area of expertise. This poses challenges in communication and integration, because the people you hire in these different service areas weren’t working together. GuideSpring Wealth Strategies is a part of a virtual family office, where we create an ecosystem and integrate different specialists from all areas of expertise so we all work together for you. With this ecosystem we help connect you to professionals that will best serve you while still being connected to us making it easy to communicate. Whether you are looking for legal strategies, tax preparation, business advisory services, or wealth management the virtual family office model will make the process seamless. If you are interested in learning more on how the virtual family office can help integrate your financial and legal services, reach out using the link below to talk further. 

Nathan Wilson

Chief Financial Advisor 

Nathan Wilson is very passionate about small business owners. It takes one to know the road of entrepreneurship, as he has been a 30-year entrepreneur with over 22-years of experience in investment advisory services. He is passionate about protecting fellow small business owners and retirees with tax strategies to reduce their tax burden. As an entrepreneur himself, he didn’t want other small businesses to have an excessive tax burden which is why he is a Certified Tax Specialist (CTS)™. Well over two million people provide tax advice; less than 1% of them have earned the CTS™ designation.1 He is fond of saying, “There are two types of problems regarding money - not having any, and having some.” If it’s not theft of taxes taking hard-earned profits, it’s the predators exploiting liability. After learning how business owners frequently encounter liability, he became a Certified Estate & Trust Specialist™. He understands that your business is valuable and needs to be included in your estate and tax plan. When choosing to work with Nathan Wilson, these are some services offered to small business owners and retirees:

  • Reducing your tax liabilities in future years
  • Creating assets and investment income streams that are Triple Tax Protected™
  • Implementing tax diversification which is an important element of his financial planning process
  • Asset protection LIRP (Life Insurance Retirement Program) & LLC strategies are created to protect your assets from predators.

1Institute of Business and Finance

Certified Tax Specialist™

Well over two million people provide tax advice; less than 1% of them have earned the CTS™ designation.1 As a Certified Tax Specialist™ we can minimize taxes today in addition to protecting your assets and income from future taxation. 

We work to: 

  • Reduce your tax liabilities in future years
  • Create investment income where you pay little or no taxes
  • Implement tax diversification which is an important element of our planning process

1 Institute of Business and Finance

Certified Estate & Trust Specialist™

As a Certified Estate & Trust Specialist™ we understand that your business should be included in your estate and tax plan.  Additionally, asset protection strategies are created to protect your assets from predators.

Fiduciary Investment Advisor

As a fee-only financial planner, we want you to know that we get paid directly by our clients, work directly for our clients, and we do not work for any banks or brokerage companies.  

GuideSpring Wealth Strategies has a fiduciary responsibility to act in the best interests of its Clients.

Our Advanced Strategies

Our team of professionals provide unique value to our clients by generating large income tax deductions and reduction or elimination of capital gains. 

To start customizing your unique financial plan, use the link below to get in contact with us. 

Contact Me 

We are based out of Fort Collins, Colorado, however we serve clients based out of Arizona, Colorado, and Texas. We have advanced technology to make these virtual meetings happen.


2625 Redwing Rd. Suite #180, Fort Collins, CO 80526 


Email: Nathan@guidespringwealth.com

Phone: (970)-818-5243