10 Retirement Resolutions

Ten retirement resolutions

10 Retirement Resolutions

At the beginning of 2016, one of the top New Year’s Resolutions was to “live life to it’s fullest.”

But what does that look like, especially when you are entering or in the middle of retirement?

Here’s our list of retirement resolutions to help you live your life to the fullest!

  1. Take your children or grandchildren on a trip. Maybe recreate a road trip or vacation that you remember to relive some old memories while creating new ones.
  2. Make a reading challenge for yourself. Reading is a great way to keep your mind active. Challenge yourself to try and read a certain number of books in a year. Better yet, join a book club (or start one with friends).
  3. Commit to your health. Staying healthy will help you keep all your other resolutions! It doesn’t take much. Try eating healthier, going on more walks, find some aerobics classes at the local recreation center and do simple stretches throughout the day. And get others involved. The more support you have, the likely you are to stay committed to your goal.
  4. Learn something new. Take up dance classes. Learn to sew. Explore the nuances of different wines. Whatever that one thing is that you wanted to always learn but never felt like you had to time, well, now you do!
  5. Make new friends. When you’re out taking these classes to learn something new, or participating in a book club, try to make some new friends. And don’t just look for individuals your own age. The younger generations offer new perspectives on things and may value your array of knowledge as well. Becoming a younger person’s mentor will keep you sociable while helping someone else grow.
  6. Stay in touch with old friends. You wouldn’t be where you are today without the people who supported you. Don’t neglect those friendships. Even if you can only connect once this year, it’s better than not connecting at all.
  7. Help as many people as you can. Make a meal for that new mom next door. Knit hats for the homeless. Volunteer with a local charity or organization. Tell a joke to make someone smile. In retirement, you may feel like you’ve lost purpose. Helping others is a great way to keep that feeling of purpose and give back to your community.
  8. Keep the good habits you’ve already made. Do you wake up early so that you can go for a walk, eat breakfast, and stay active before work? Don’t break those habits in retirement. These helped you stay healthy during stressful times, and they will help you stay healthy during the relaxing times as well.
  9. Get your documents in order. It’s important to know where all your important documents are, such as wills, financial information, deeds, etc. Make sure you know where they are as well as all your loved ones.
  10. Make a financial plan. Retirement is a big change, especially when you stop getting a regular paycheck from an employer. Make sure you have a plan for your retirement savings.

These are just a few ways that you can start living your retirement life to the fullest. It’s up to you to decide what living your life to the fullest means for you. If you have a plan though, you are one step closer to reaching your goals.